Poem Every Day - Volume 5

Poem no. 1
Night-time hovers like an old friend
Who comes and sits next to me in the passing storm
Deckchairs out on porches, we watch the lightning
As the trees are getting yanked up by their roots
They lean over, and I rest my head on strong shoulders
The cracks beneath us fill up with liquid nails
While warm blankets are held over exposed knees
The warmth inside is running out the front door
I know that it’s just passing away
That the storm will be a memory in the morning sun
But I could hear you whisper to me
Through the milky rafters as
Pelted with hail – They leak bucketfuls
The concrete will get cancer
The wood will rot
And the fences will melt away
But I still get to sit down each time
As the house will surely crumble

Poem no. 2
Milestones melt as the green grass grows
Time bleeds past – still – wild flowers ache
With the imprints of leaden boots
I don't know where the time goes
Conversations lost in the barks of trees
The dates etched in solid stone, sigh off
With the relief of final retirement
I don't know where the time goes
Memories fade with the passing of stars,
Forrest-litter littered with brilliant moonlight
Forget that the sun once shone bright
I don't know where the time goes
Cataracts grow with heavy hearts erasing
Hurts from yesterday which fall off finally
They won't be missed once they're gone
I don't know where the time goes

Poem no. 3
The University closed today
It shut up its doors and locked the library
With a brass clank the gates sealed tight
Now academics are found leaving through the emergency exit so they don't cause a scene
Great, thank you, it's okay, I understand, sure
Whatever you say, if you say so, if I can, no? You're right
Librarians blocked isles with metal trollies
But were asked politely to leave anyway
If I could just, maybe, when, sorry to be a, right,
What about? Okay
Admin tied themselves to desks with lanyards
While they were carried out along with ergonomical keyboards
Just a minute, if I may, could you stop, please
We could have, do you get? Oh, sure
Students protested turning over tables, banners waving, media roaring they went back to work afterwards
I am still, collected, chant, with might, but not always, I don't know, do you want? Yeah
The ducks quack along just like before

Poem no. 4
Cracked Dirt
Under the Earth’s crust you’ll find syrupy maple
Honey that flows, from one vein to the next
Pumping with every squeeze it goes forth to feed
Breaking open husks of dirt – it spurts out in geysers
Hold your breath and feel the fluid pulses,
Expanding like the setting sun on a barren sandbank
Invisible waves travelling through the fields
That inevitably yields, the blooming forever crops
It’s the silent ocean of oneness singing
The perfect bell, that is constantly ringing
A gentle hum off in the background –
Each thing is inextricably wound

Poem no. 5
All/Small Souls
You told me that you’d hold my hand
Like otters floating on the open ocean
Keeping me from drifting off to unknown waters
But our grips grew tired, of course
We set ourselves ablaze underneath sparkling stars
Building a precious pyre from our collected sorrows
The ashes floated across the skylines in cadence
Flying away from the people we used to be
You taught me how to loom & spin like magic,
My thoughts wound into tight-knit twine
Anchoring me in place with simple words
It was always enough to have you there
You left first. Blazing a brilliant trail ahead
A forerunner in all things, you kept quick pace
My heart is the shape it is because of you
– I can’t ask for anything more

Poem no. 6
Pinball night
The sky is cluttered with so many shapes tonight
Vibrant ripples swimming out from the centre pool
Bouncing and surrounding all of everything
From the mountain-tops to the deep forests they grow
Like a lazing cat I’ll sit and stare (hungry)
Waiting for easy prey out in the ether
They flit by, charged with just so much noise
That it hurts to look at the colours for too long
The world is a place of too much for us
So we learn to ignore and grow heavy blinkers

Poem no. 7
The Sounds Surround
The cracks of beetles and whirring of bugs
Bounce off the buildings, and shake tender glass
Crinkle of leaves comes rocketing through
And the pavement is shattered with sweet clarity
Birdsong breaks down locked-doors like a ram
The echoes ripple out, through the walls
A frog croaks and blasts a car into the air
Smashing to the ground with a soft ribbit
Scurrying rodents squeak in cacophony
Causing a school demountable to collapse
But a worm munches on the dirt in the ground
And the whole fire department implodes in pieces
Black bats like shadows click up in the sky
Launching sonic arrows plucked with care
They all fly out in space the same –
Rupturing delicate eardrums with certainty

Poem no. 8
Make the words stop –
Fly across the tops of mountains
With ice forming on your wings
Shut your eyes –
Run through the forest floor
Feeling the soft dirt beneath your paws
Breathe it all out –
Hide under the harsh desert winds
Waiting for the heat of day to pass by
Let it go –
Nestle in the tops of towering trees
Surrounded by the warmth of fur
Sleep will come –
Stretch out in the cool waters
Flowing over rocks and coral the same
Fall away gently –
Grow out from the constant ground
You've already found your place

Poem no. 9
The light bouncing off the water
Tells me that it will all be okay
That the ripples are here to play,
While the waves are for tomorrow
Stillness enclosed; the water recedes
Making room for others by flowing,
Through the deep ocean floor
Where beacons flash, like beetles
Empty surrounded with wetness
Dribble & Pour it out
Utter to quell the red-sea monsters
Finally forgiving teeth
So floating on the current
But knowing that the
Surface tension will break

Poem no. 10
My heart is an hourglass
Pumping, as each grain of sand
Falls from one chamber
To the next
Every blood-drop propels
The movement of moment
It calls out with humble thuds:
Grow old with me

Poem no. 11
The bathroom fan is still running
Metal, when polished to perfection
Shines like it could see right through you
But you can’t ever look back
It’s a mirage of mistrust;
An unbearable lying light
The gleam holds you passive
Frozen in a silvery surface
Tempting you to stay & look
Making promises of beauty
That never seem to come
When captured, and not lived

Poem no. 12
One way
Chopping at the overgrowth of yesterday
With feeble whacks of axe
You can’t fell a forest
But still, you sharpen saw’s teeth
The weeping willow bends
But it does not break,
It falls into your lap, and then it’s gone,
Never starting over
You fall into your future
Made of marble –
You can’t chisel at history
So hang around being forgotten
But with hands clasped like a nest
Seeds can grow

Poem no. 13
Half night, half light
Stabs in the wood show the egg-yolk
Spill, seep, drain down to the earth
Marvel of maple at the edge of the world
The river flows like it has been here
Forever – off the sheer face and into the black abyss
Caves abound in this place
Like stars in the night’s sky
Hide like you should – burrow
Where onlookers no longer see
Your supple naked body
Fires crackle inside, damp edges
Melted into the floor while
Shadows whisper on the walls
Embrace the soft dark rubbing against you
And bleed into the cracks with every breath

Poem no. 14
My hair is getting grey
Chocolate-lily breeze washes over me
The almond sky is dropping pebbles onto pavement,
Even dust fills nostrils with the sweet same smell
So leaves rustle – after the vanilla storm passes
Musings enriched, like uranium, in the summer sun
The peppermint garden escapes out into the countryside
And the open air is skipping over fresh trees like jellyfish
– All around the landscapes stretch in wide, peach, views
But the grip of tyres isn’t quite right today
And you drag yourself into work regardless

Poem no. 15
The air gets frozen in a moment
When the sun sets over the horizon
And all silent shadows go to sleep
Back to the slumber of the earth
Icicles start forming on fingertips
The chilled wind laps at the surface
Throwing out any cares or warmth
Sensitive skin numbed; eroded like rocks
Brush the briskness out or risk overexposure
Fatal fossilisation patently waits, always
The cold doesn’t cut through loneliness
And all Igloos break down eventually
Glowing amber burns softly inside
Slowly, the smoke plumes rise
As if from a starter pistol

Poem no. 16
The frequency is just right tonight
Like the music doesn’t just hover
Around like sweet, dark, perfume
But it pierces & penetrates instead
Digging deep, it pushes into breast
Past muscles, bone, and through organs
To somewhere subterranean
Filling our cup with starlight
It’s connecting this moment with the next
The beat is a promise to the future
That the song isn’t sung just yet
And we still have a few bars to go
But each note is gone as soon as it comes
Growing & Falling all at once
I’ve heard of a thing called a Coda
But I’ve never heard one just yet

Poem no. 17
Shines so strong
Time evaporates
With the morning sun
And all our plans come
Undone – without remorse
We wash our hands
Scrub red eyes,
Bright summer skies
Daylight so bright & clear
It’s all just so near

Poem no. 18
The last time we did this
It was like free falling from an aeroplane
Waiting to catch the parachute on the ground
Diving straight towards it in a joyous plummet
The last time we did this
It was like a newborn giraffe getting up
And walking for the very first time
Tender legs all blunder and stumble
The last time we did this
It was like a visit to the dentist
Seeping in guilt for the things you should be doing
So you feel the prick of the drill to ease
The last time we did this
It was like crushing coke cans
It was like bursting a blueberry
It was like falling off a bike
It was like restless sleep
It was like forgetting a name
It was like New Year’s Day
It was like sucking hard candy
It was like starting a bonfire
But this time
It was like peeling the layers off of an orange
As each piece came loose – one at a time
We licked up the juices that flowed off

Poem no. 19
I’ve got a pain in my neck
I gotta go faster than this
Slowness isn’t steady
Sometimes it’s just slow
Droning like an engine
When it’s a nanometer out
Carved from memory
You only live here
Made out of
Heavy with the rain
Gained a name
Numbers running out
Over the last decade
Decals coming off
Turbulence is certain
Still cereal in the morning
Might try to go
Go out today
Still the same
No matter
Tattered tapestries
Written with time
Signed with water

Poem no. 20
Added Value
Still the mining
Echoes of engines
Grind of dust
Spills over beaches
Talk continues
Fire erupts over
Suitcases stay polished
Checks bounce along
Empty clean hands
Soft lakeside views
All smiles & honey
Data plucked off farms
Fresh Apple juice
Servers still whir
Calenders synchronise
Words weaponised
Soft pillows & tones
Priority boarding
Doors locked
Meeting minutes
The machine clicks on

Poem no. 21
The scars from yesterday still linger
Tight and itchy scalp skin tingles
Regret pricks in the evening slack
When jolted awake by memory
The soft roar of the road remembers
Line though line though line
Black bitumen pools with no diving board
Crunches with every footstep taken
Camera shutter releases smiles
While documenting this monument
The lost cracked bodies who slid
Only skid marks and roadkill remain

Poem no. 22
Form One Lane
I don’t know you
I’ve heard the wind carrying your name
And the trees showing your face in bark
But I have no idea who you are
I’ve listened to your voice
But never sat down beside you
Felt your warmth, or touched your skin
Space dissolving like sugar in the rain
I haven't seen you fumble
To be raw and unprepared
You're always golden immaculate
A towering queen of wit and knowledge
Or rather – you don’t know me
I’ve watched your stunning curated laugh
But you’ve never broken through
I’m still just another stranger in the street
While you perform brilliantly
I’m just watching, all smiles

Poem no. 23
Opening is just the start
Ink drops onto a clear page
Stains the open possibility
Lines drawing a path forward
Motion propelling the future – unknown
Potential is destroyed for certainty
Cutting through the aimless
Wide open fields with
A brush (and some sense of direction)
Details are formed:
Information chained
Beads are threaded
Mark upon mark
The past rots away
Just like each day
When I wake and painfully
Rip myself from what I could
From what I might
From what I’m not
The endless stream of choice
Gets knocked over
With but a single starting line

Poem no. 24
In the morning
When the sun rises like a mountain
I’ll fluff and preen my feathers
As the dew evaporates in droves
Song fills the open expanse
I’ll let the soft light wash away
All of what was last night

Poem no. 25
I rub my eyes to see
Brightly the sky burns –
The spots within make it sparkle
More than any fireworks
As the shadows pulse on
Lights are burned, deep into Retina
So even blackness can’t exist anymore
Like fireflies; they float on forward
Travelling to nowhere but within
Realism isn’t realised when
All I see are the motes inside –
The glow which I’m always seeing
The comfort: senses are still sensing

Poem no. 26
Makeshift filter
The quiet moments don’t come easy
They have to be carefully constructed
Like paper kites, they fly away simply
Or are torn apart by the fierce winds
Without pity these spaces pass
Broken by the constant created noise
Erased through close quarters
And shattered instantly by chatter
Ideas go off on the wrong path
Never to be seen or heard of again
Hardly a laser, more of a probe
Searching for difference or danger
Airtight seals will always erode
Leak at the seams; rubber decays
Hermetic chambers don’t exist
As thoughts go wandering away

Poem no. 27 (overdue 1/4)
In the place where water tastes of wine
The trees spring silver and gold
Once discovered – they shiver with excitement
A new visitor is always welcomed
Inside the glade there is already a spot at the table;
Twigs of fine china are strewn upon the forest floor
And the silverware is crisp hands deep in the riverbed
A band of beetles plays ceaselessly while accompanied
By blurred darts flying through the tall shadowy treetops
Only the finest of beds awaits you, where
The sleep of the ancients will sing a lullaby
And only the sound of enveloped dirt persists

Poem no. 28 (overdue 2/4)
When the sun hurts your eyes
The waves hit the mountaintops
And all fertile grass grows inwards
Deep into the earth
When the ice burns your face
Starlight drips from flower-buds
And every leaf burns like a wick
Gentle brightness to fill the night
When raindrops cut to the core
Fingertips change to tread lightly
Finally; space isn’t hollow for once
And our dreams can persist forever

Poem no. 29 (overdue 3/4)
Finally the sweet smell of rain releases
A downpour to rinse the soul –
Pelting the ground with open palms
It doesn't shake the trees with violent thuds,
But covers the sky with white noise
Caught in the surrounding enclosure
A sigh escapes from the earth
And restless dreams come to a close

Poem no. 30 (overdue 4/4)
We're in this scene together
Without a replay button, or
Any chance to rewind the tape;
There isn't a script to follow
No-one is going to yell cut
Or give us directions, or lines
We'll steer this thing on our own
Always acting (like we know what we're doing)
It's forever just you and me
Muddling our way through this –
Like children searching in the dark
Hoping that they don't fall over
And I'm still trying to work out
Who you are, were, and going to be
While I'm still waiting for myself
To give me that same thing
So if I could ask for your help?
Ask me questions and send out
Probes to poke gently and investigate
Just make me answer and be with only you